Sunday, May 20, 2007

A challenge to u...

HI guys, i brought a big challenge infront of u,have you ever noticed that you can't name a folder with "con" or "CON"(without quotes) any where on your desktop.Sounds crazy..............let's try.....

But u find a bigger challenge here!!!
Just copy "–°ON" (without the quotes) from here and now name(paste) it as ur folder or file name.I think you can accomplish the job successfully!!
If you write this somewhere else and copy it from there,it wont work.This is the magic.
Reason:The reason is that i am using Unicode.Instead of 67 as the ASCII code of C ,in the unicode,its code is 1057.That is why i am able to make a folder by this name.

you not only copy from here but u can make it ur own by doing any of the following steps:--
Open ur 'ms-word' and type by holding 'alt' key and press '1057' and leave 'alt' key and just type 'ON' there u can see 'CON'. copy and paste that where u has to rename as CON.

2)Right click and do create folder and While naming the folder, type 'CON' and type 255
in the numpad by holding the 'alt' key
EX:- 'CON' + (hold atl + '255').

instead of 255 you can also press 0160, by holding "alt" key
Ex:- HOLD ALT+0160

This process would create a folder named CON and a space with it. You cannot explictely give a space because windows cuts off the excess spaces before or after the name.

3)In this method we create con by command promt method
go to run dialog.
type cmd,command (command prompt gets opened)
go to any of the root directory's like C:\ or D:\ etc

To create(or)delete(or)access CON folder in the path specified already like,
C:\Documents and Settings\admin>-------------------- , do it in command prompt and add "\" after the name.
For EX:-
mkdir con\
rmdir con\
dir con\

now after doing this a "CON" folder will be created/deleted/accessed in admin of ur system.

CREATE/DELETE/ACCESS FOLDER CON BY specifying our own path at the time of creation of folder

create folder (in c drive)
md\\.\\c:\\con(or)md\\.\c:\con(or)mkdir \\.\c:\con(or)mkdir \\.\\c:\\con(or)
mkdir C:\con\

check the folder on the respected drive and remove it as
rd\\.\\c:\\con (or)rd\\.\c:\con(or)rmdir \\.\c:\con(or)rmdir \\.\\c:\\con(or)
rmdir C:\con\(or)rmdir /s C:\con\(or)rd /s C:\con\

for verification type
verify by typing dir \\.\c:\con

NOW the folder will be created in C-drive as path specified

Its not only con, that we cant create there are many others likeyou know that we cant create a folder named CON, PRN, AUX, CLOCK$,NUL,COM0 to COM9 and LPT1 to LPT9....
You can create see the details by running RUN>CMD>mem /d|more all these are reserved words since the MS DOS age,so they can't be used independently.

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