Friday, April 25, 2008

Speed Your PC

1.Regular Virus,Spyware,Adware Check(Programs I recommended (Avast 4.7(Antivirus),Spybot 1.4(Anti-Spyware),Lavasoft Adware Personal Se(Anti adware)
2. Reduce The Number Of Startup Programs (Recommended :-Twice A Month)
(Best:-as Soon as you Install A New Program)
1.Goto Start click on Run and type Msconfig
2.Select the Startup Tab
3.Uncheck The Programs Which You Think Are Not Reqd. (Exclude The Antivurs Anti Spyware Programs) on OK(Reboot Reqd.)

3.Regular Defragment (Recommended:- Once a Month)
(I Do:- Twice A Week)
(Best:-Do Whenever You Can)

4.Regularly Check All Drives For Errors (Recommended:- Once A Week)
(Best:-Twice A Week)

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