Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks

Implement bulletproof Cisco security the battle-tested Hacking Exposed way
Defend against the sneakiest attacks by looking at your Cisco network and devices through the eyes of the intruder. Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks shows you, step-by-step, how hackers target exposed systems, gain access, and pilfer compromised networks. All device-specific and network-centered security issues are covered alongside real-world examples, in-depth case studies, and detailed countermeasures. It¡¯s all here--from switch, router, firewall, wireless, and VPN vulnerabilities to Layer 2 man-in-the-middle, VLAN jumping, BGP, DoS, and DDoS attacks. You¡¯ll prevent tomorrow¡¯s catastrophe by learning how new flaws in Cisco-centered networks are discovered and abused by cyber-criminals.
Use the tried-and-true Hacking Exposed methodology to find, exploit, and plug security holes in Cisco devices and networksLocate vulnerable Cisco networks using Google and BGP queries, wardialing, fuzzing, host fingerprinting, and portscanning
Abuse Cisco failover protocols, punch holes in firewalls, and break into VPN tunnels
Use blackbox testing to uncover data input validation errors, hidden backdoors, HTTP, and SNMP vulnerabilities
Gain network access using password and SNMP community guessing, Telnet session hijacking, and searching for open TFTP servers
Find out how IOS exploits are written and if a Cisco router can be used as an attack platform Block determined DoS and DDoS attacks using Cisco proprietary safeguards, CAR, and NBAR
Prevent secret keys cracking, sneaky data link attacks, routing protocol exploits, and malicious physical access
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