Sunday, February 1, 2009

Make GOOGLE search easier

1)game cheat----------------------------> the words game and cheat

2)virtual pets dog OR puppy ----- the words virtual pets that are either dogs or puppies

3)"boys and girls lets all sing along" ----the exact phrase boys and girls lets all sing along

4)+how select phone service -------------the words how, select, telephone & service (forces
Google not to ignore how)

5)salsa -dance --------------------------- the word salsa but NOT the word dance

6)e-card ------------ ---------- ------ the words e-card, e card, or ecard

7)hip-hop ~glossary -------------- the words hip-hop and both glossary and its synonyms

8)girls sneakers $25..$50 -------------girls' sneakers for between $25 and $50
laptops invented 1900..2000 ------the year that laptops were invented

9)ipod extend battery life -----------------------info on how to extend ur ipod battery life in apples website

11)caffeinecaffeine health site:edu -----info on caffeine and health from educational sites (.edu domain)

12)allinurl:pez faq -----------------------the words pez (a type of candy) and faq (Frequently Asked Questions) all in the URL (web address)

13)allintitle:spoof movies best -----------the words spoof, movies, and best in the web page title

14)define:-deipnosophist-----------------deipnosophist definitions of deipnosophist from the web

15)books "book thief" -------------------book-related info; click Book results to search text

16)movie:Clueless -----------------------reviews, showtimes, & locations for the movie Clueless

17)music:Gwen Stefani -----------------Gwen Stefani music-related info & where you can buy the music

18)1 Egan Dr Juneau AK --------------map directions, and local businesses near this address

19)roller blades -------------------------find where to buy roller blades if you click on more and product item-in the pull-down menu above the Google search box

20)Marco se ha marchado para no volver ----a translation of some text (click on Google LanguageTools link to the right of the search box on Google's home page)

21)dog cat hamster -------------------other things that are similar (search by example with Google Sets)

22)15 % of (12+34*5/6) ----------------- numerical value of a mathematical expression

23)40 grams in oz -------------------------the number of ounces in 40 grams (conversion of x units into y units)

24)3 Euros in US$ ------------------------how many US dollars are in 3 Euros

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