Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to hide folders in XP

This is a trick to hide good stuff from strangers without softwarez.If u consider something as private u can place them in a folder and hide it .Ok, so here’s a the trick which requires no can play with this method of hiding files and folders in Windows XP with ur bro's.
(For safety of hiding place don't place the folder which contains the privatefiles in commonly visiting places like My Documents, instead put it in a location that someone would rarely visit . For eg: place the privatefolder in C:\Program Files. placing a folder there doesn’t hurt anything and not many people go looking through this place as it contains mainly system files).
1)Firstly,we need to change the setting so that hidden files and folders are not to be shown. In order to do this,go to drive in which u want to hide the folder .
And after getting into the drive,click on the Tools menu on the top of the window and then select folderoptions
2)After Folderoptions window pop's up,then go to View tab and in the advanced settings section,go toHidden files and folders and choose the radio button Do not show hidden files and files.Click apply and then ok.
3)Then after doing the above process go to ur folder,rightclick the folder u want to hide and select properties and check the hidden box in the general tab of folder properties.

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Keith said...

Thank you, that was excellent!!! The folders disappeared. Hopefully I'll be able to find them again.

(Works For IE Only)