Thursday, March 12, 2009

Transulate your blog to various languages

Now-a-days internet,a global network of interconnected computers,enabling users to share information along multiple channels makes easier to express & communicate then,if u run a blog,it becomes almost a necessity to make sure that ur web-site or blog can be read and understood by people through out the world means u should have ur blog flexible,in many possible languages other than English. Do you have to learn all those languages to make your website available in all those languages? Of course, not.
Google Translate Gadget provides you with a multi-lingual gadget system

Google Translate gadget is a simple web-gadget that you can customize and add to your blog that translates ur articles to many different languages around the world.

Google Translate Gadget supports 35 different languages and it has a merit of n’t taking much page space on ur web page/blog. Google Translate Gadget has a dropdown list of languages you can choose.It takes less screen space and doesn’t need to download 35 different flag images to represent each language.

Follow these steps to add multiple language support tour website or blog using Google Translate Gadget,

1)Go to the Google Translate Gadget page.
On pressing the above link in a newtab,you will be taken to the page as shown below

(click on the image to enlarge)
Click on "add to ur page" button

2)Customize ur gadget style

give the gadget the style you like by adjusting height,width,border color&style of the gadget.
by changing display and gadget settings.
After giving proper dimensions to gadget,check it by clicking on "preview changes" button whether it serves ur needs.

3)Copy the code
After making sure it is fine,click the "get the code" button,where a box appears and gives you the code.copy the code and paste it in ur blog's html.

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(Works For IE Only)